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Our Agency

We are team of agents specializing in providing quality protection since 2019. Since the start, we have been working hard to find better ways to serve you. We are experts in the insurance industry, specifically in transportation.

Our beginnings go back 22 years ago when agency owner, Alejandra Pineda, started working in transportation. Gaining knowledge and expertise in the trucking industry from safety and compliance, to permits and licensing, and finally to insurance.

​Specifically in insurance, with over 12 years of experience in the industry; specializing in trucking companies, transportation companies, and commercial businesses, and eventually venturing out to personal insurance products such as homeowners and personal auto.

Our Team

We pride ourselves in providing superior customer service. Our team is 100% dedicated to our customers. If our clients are profitable, then we are profitable.

To accomplish this, our focus is making sure you have the right coverage based on your particulars. Nobody likes surprises down the road, and with our knowledge you can have peace of mind you are getting the right carrier and coverage for your needs.

We are an open book, and trust is our most valuable asset.

Our Goals

Here at Supra Insurance, we understand the importance of having a culture that focuses on partnerships, that of our clients, our employees, and our partners. If our bonds are strong and our commitment is 100%; we strive to achieve the best solutions for all.

Our Vision

To provide our customers access to the latest in technology focused on the continuous improvement of internal processes, and highly motivated and experienced agents whose sole focus is YOU, the customer for personalized attention

Our Mission

To become an industry leader in providing insurance services and establishing a strategic alliance with the client by satisfying their needs and expectations

Our Values

At Supra Insurance we believe loyalty, integrity and trust are necessary to building long standing relationships with our partners and specially with our customers.

Supra Insurance team of experienced representatives

Experience Quaranteed

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